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Amalfi Coast or Cilento National Park?

These two Unesco World Heritage sites lie only 30 miles apart - yet are indeed very different.  The Amalfi Coast is a world-known tourist resort.  The Cilento National Park, with its unique landscapes and sandy beaches, is a great destination for those who want to spend a vacation away from the crowds, see where Italians spend their own vacations, and still be able to plunge at any time into the main flow of international tourism.

Trip report: meet the Italians in the Cilento National Park.

K-Rae Nelson gets her car towed away by local Carabinieri and attends her own private 30-minute seminar on how to fire up a pizza oven, strictly in Italian, of course.  Too bad that she doesn't speak Italian at all... Read all about her enlightening experience in the Cilento National Park.

Visit the world-famous Amalfi Coast

Discover the charming Cilento National Park

The Amalfi Coast lies just north of Salerno.  It is one of the most delightful destinations in Campania.

Would you believe that just a few miles off the usual tourists' routes lies an enchanting mix of culture, art, nature and folklore?

Click on the map to zoom in

Click on the map to zoom in

This spectacular coastline which embraces the charming resort towns of Positano, Praiano, Amalfi and Ravello invites us to imagine ourselves back in the sunny carefree days of the sixties - for here the beauty and romance of those times has not changed... [more]  

The Cilento National Park is in Italy, in the southern part of the gulf of Salerno.

In Cilento unaffected landscapes are populated by the genuine hospitality of the inhabitants... [more]

Amalfi Coast Cilento National Park

Sorrento is one of the best known resorts in Italy, situated on a tract of coastline of unrivalled beauty, on the northern slope of the Sorrentine Peninsula, in a sheltered spot, surrounded by luxuriant hills where vines, olives and above all high quality citrus fruits are grown. The site of patrician villas during Roman times, it has been a highly prestigious retreat since 700... [more]


The Gulf of Naples is placed off the southwestern coast of Italy. It opens to the west into the Mediterranean Sea. It is bordered on the north by the cities of Naples and Pozzuoli, on the east by Mount Vesuvius, and on the south by the Sorrentine Peninsula and its main town Sorrento; the Peninsula separates it from the Gulf of Salerno... The islands of Capri, Ischia and Procida are located in the gulf... [more]




The Cilento National Park and the Amalfi Coast are Unesco World Heritage Sites

The Cilento area has also been recognized by Unesco as a Biosphere Reserve in the MAB Programme.

"The Cilento area is a cultural landscape of exceptional quality. Dramatic chains of sanctuaries and settlements along its three east-west mountain ridges vividly portray the historical evolution of the area as a major route for trade and for cultural and political interaction during the prehistoric and medieval periods. It was also the boundary between the Greek colonies of Magna Grecia and the indigenous Etruscan and Lucanian peoples, and so preserves the remains of two very important classical cities, Paestum and Velia."


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