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Average temperatures in the Amalfi - Sorrento - Cilento area

Two very common questions, in planning a trip to Italy, are "what kind of temperature can I expect?" and "will it be rainy?".

The table below answers both questions.  The table shows the average temperature and average amount of rain that you can expect.  The "Average High" column shows, on an average, what is the maximum temperature during the day time that you could expect. The "Average Low" temperature reports what minimum temperature, on an average, you could expect at night.  Remember that these are averages, meaning that if you pick a single day, the temperatures could be higher or lower than reported, although not much higher nor much lower.  Also, these are monthly averages:  temperatures at the end of May will be much more like temperatures at the beginning of June, rather than at the end of April.

Also, remember that temperatures change as you move around:  under the brightest summer sun, downtown Naples can get as hot as 102F (39C), while locations by the sea are generally cooler.  At night or in the evening, a comfortable summer stay in an uphill location will probably require a light jacket.

How much rain will you get in July? What does "one inch" mean? Simply put, it means that it is very unlikely that you will get any rain at all. In the worst case, you might have to face a quick, violent, summer shower - but you will need no umbrella.  As we move into the fall and the winter, the amount of rain that you can expect grows larger, and it can rain for a few days in a row. The off-season has its benefits, though: less crowd and lower fares for just about any service.


Month Average High Average Low Average Rain
January 54F / 12C 38F / 3C 4.10 in. / 104.1 mm
February 55F / 13C 39F / 4C 3.90 in. / 99.1 mm
March 59F / 15C 42F / 6C 3.40 in. / 86.4 mm
April 64F / 18C 46F / 8C 3.00 in. / 76.2 mm
May 72F / 22C 53F / 12C 2.00 in. / 50.8 mm
June 79F / 26C 60F / 16C 1.30 in. / 33.0 mm
July 84F / 29C 64F / 18C 1.00 in. / 25.4 mm
August 85F / 29C 64F / 18C 1.60 in. / 40.6 mm
September 79F / 26C 59F / 15C 3.20 in. / 81.3 mm
October 71F / 22C 52F / 11C 5.10 in. / 129.5 mm
November 62F / 17C 45F / 7C 6.40 in. / 162.6 mm
December 56F / 13C 41F / 5C 4.80 in. / 121.9 mm

Average temperatures and precipitation in the Amalfi - Sorrento - Cilento area.


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