The Parish Church of Vettica Maggiore is dedicated to St Gennaro: the Neapolitan bishop of Benevento, who died martyr in Pozzuoli on September the 19th 305, while the so-called Dioclezianus persecution was raging.

The Renaissance basilica style building, with three naves and Latin cross, has a regular oval cupola, glazed and polychromatic over the cross vault.

The church was officially opened on August the 18th 1589. It was built over the foundations of a preceding church, also dedicated to St Gennaro. In accordance with the local engineer M. Camera, the new church has been finished in 1602. Inside the right aisle you will admire as follows: the Holy Family altar; the Virgin Mary altar with a notable painting, dated back to 1747, by GianBattista Lama; the Holy Heart Chapel, built in 1889 by Domenico Rispoli-Zingone; then the altar of St Bartolomeo and, at last, the Annunciation altar.

Inside the left aisle, you will see the notable Altar of Carmine, with a stunning painting representing the Carmelo's Virgin, while giving the miraculous scapular to the souls in purgatory.

You will find lovely even the altars of St Gennaro and St Lucia; the Crucifix altar, with a precious fresco representing the long ordeal of Christ, where stands out a beautiful crucifix, as a votive offering. Do not miss either the altar of St Michele Arcangelo that, between 1600 and 1700, was moral and spiritual seat of an important association of sailors and fishermen.

Visiting this monument you will experience a piece of the local history and culture, characterized by simplicity and strong devotion. Do not miss it!

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